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Stargate – Kommando SG-1 oder kurz Stargate SG-1 ist eine Military-Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr basiert. Die Serie erzählt die Abenteuer der Einsatzgruppe „SG-1“ – einer von mehreren SG-Einheiten –. Jack O'Neill, der Soldatin und Physikerin Dr. Samantha Carter, dem Archäologen und Sprachwissenschaftler Dr. Daniel Jackson sowie dem Jaffa Teal'c. Daniel Jackson wird von der Fachwelt für seine Theorie, die ägyptischen Pyramiden seien erheblich älter als bisher angenommen, ausgelacht und gemieden. Er. Colonel Jack O'Neill | 88 Fans. Bekannt für. Stargate SG-1 - Das Tor zum Universum. Fan werden. Michael Shanks. Dr. Daniel Jackson | 46 Fans. Bekannt für. Christopher Judge: Teal'c. ( Folgen, –) · Richard Dean Anderson – Bild: ABC/Paramount Televsion. Richard Dean Anderson: Colonel Jack O'Neill.

stargate besetzung

Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill - Staffeln 1 bis 8). Als Angus McGyver erlangte Richard Dean Anderson in den er Jahren Berühmtheit. Er wurde am. Colonel Jack O'Neill | 88 Fans. Bekannt für. Stargate SG-1 - Das Tor zum Universum. Fan werden. Michael Shanks. Dr. Daniel Jackson | 46 Fans. Bekannt für. Jack O'Neill, der Soldatin und Physikerin Dr. Samantha Carter, dem Archäologen und Sprachwissenschaftler Dr. Daniel Jackson sowie dem Jaffa Teal'c.

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Stargate SG1 - Religion

With the stargates of the Milky Way, with 38 address symbols and one point of origin, there are 63,,, possible seven symbol co-ordinates.

With the stargates of the Pegasus or Destiny, with 35 address symbols and one point of origin, there are only 33,,, possible seven symbol co-ordinates.

Stargate Universe introduces the concept of a nine-symbol address, the purpose of the ninth chevron never having been explored in the previous series.

Like eight-symbol addresses, the dialing of this address requires a significant amount of power, such that the scientists on Icarus Base had to tap into the planet's naqahdriah core.

With the stargates of the Milky Way, with 38 address symbols, there are 1,,,, possible eight symbol destinations. With the stargates of the Pegasus or Destiny, with 35 address symbols, there are only ,,, possible eight symbol destinations.

Provided the ninth symbol is your point of origin. If the ninth symbol can also be added to the destination, even 59,,,, combinations with a Milky Way stargate or 25,,,, combinations with a Pegasus or Destiny stargate are possible.

There are a handful of methods used in the shows to dial a Stargate, and the most common is with the use of a Dial-Home Device.

Almost always referred to as the "DHD" for short, it is depicted as a pedestal-shaped device with a round inclined control panel on top, consisting of two concentric circles of "keys" and a translucent red Milky Way or blue Pegasus hemisphere in the center; the keys represent the symbols on the rim of the Stargate.

By pressing these keys a traveler builds an address. The central hemisphere serves as an " Enter " key to activate the Stargate once a destination has been dialed.

Each DHD only has 38 keys, 19 on each ring. According to Dr. Zelenka , dialing an address leaves a small imprint on the control crystals of the DHD, and about fifty addresses can be recovered from a DHD using the proper equipment.

However, this gives no indication of the order in which the addresses were dialed, and no guarantee can be made as to the accuracy of the recovered addresses.

It can block out certain gate addresses. The Wraith also travel through Stargates in small spacecraft called darts and have some means of remote-dialing them in a manner similar to Ancient ships.

The show makes it clear that every Stargate originally had its own DHD, located directly in front of the gate and facing it.

This has been the source of plot difficulties for the protagonists on several occasions, as it is still possible to travel to a Stargate that lacks a DHD, meaning that dialing home again will be much more difficult, if not impossible.

Remote dialers have been used by several races like the Goa'uld and Asgard in various episodes. As the Stargates in Stargate Universe are a different less advanced model the crew of the Destiny are forced to use such a device as no planet visited so far has any variation of DHD present.

Once an address is dialed, the gate is said to have created a "stable wormhole " between itself and the gate dialed. The creation process is depicted with great consistency, and hence has become one of the defining motifs of Stargate , at times being central in both the SG-1 and Atlantis title sequences.

It involves the generation of the "puddle of water" portal which lasts roughly 2 seconds, and is completed by the ejection of an unstable energy vortex resembling a surge of water or quicksilver.

The vortex is portrayed as a symbol of the stargate's power, invariably causing characters to become affected by awe. Carter as the "Kawoosh", emulating the sound of the initial vortex.

This aspect has been used in some cases to dispose of highly hazardous materials. The vortex is also used on one occasion to dispose of a body in a formal funeral service - the body was placed on a pyre in front of the gate, which was then activated.

The actual portal of a Stargate appears inside the inner ring when an address is correctly dialed. This has the appearance of a vertical puddle of water which represents the "event horizon" in the show.

In non-fictional parlance, an event horizon is the perimeter around a black hole or wormhole beyond which the gravitational pull of the singularity would be too strong to overcome.

The wavering undulations characteristic of water are supposed to represent the "fluctuations in the event horizon". The show makes it clear that transit is strictly one-way; an attempt to travel "backwards" causes the traveler to be destroyed.

As matter is only transmitted through a stargate once the whole object has passed the event horizon, a person or object could be retrieved from the event horizon before entering completely, as the stargate would automatically reintegrate the traveler.

Passage through a Stargate's wormhole is depicted as a visual effect of shooting through a tunnel in space, although this is just a visual aid as travelers are not conscious during the trip.

The average travel time between Stargates is 3. The character Major Charles Kawalsky describes Stargate travel as worse than pulling "out of a simulated bombing run in an F at eight-plus g ".

Under normal circumstances, a wormhole can only be maintained for slightly more than 38 minutes. While the "kawoosh" effect in the movie was created by filming the actual swirl of water in a glass tube, and looked like a vortex on the back of the Gate, [30] on the TV series, this effect was completely created in CG by the Canadian visual effects company Rainmaker.

Two full Stargate props were originally built for the SG-1 pilot " Children of the Gods ", the second of which was reconstructed from the prop used in the film.

They are made of steel and fiberglass , and are 22 feet 6. The second prop is less detailed, and is used for exterior scenes; in the pilot it was used solely on the planet Chulak.

The primary one is fully automated and capable of rotating and emitting light. This is achieved by the use of a specially designed foot 6.

The top seven chevrons emit laser pulses which are read by a sensor fed into a computer responsible for the gate's movement, which is consequently able to start and stop the rotation very quickly.

There are further Stargate props which are no more than two-dimensional or semi-three-dimensional jar-lid shaped Stargates, being more lightweight and easier to erect on location.

These are always filmed front-on to preserve the illusion. If a shot involves the iris , this is added in post-production, as the mechanics of it opening and closing would be very difficult to build.

However, when a Stargate is filmed with just a closed iris i. However, some effects, including the entire Ori battle sequence in the episode " Camelot ", were done "in-house".

In post production, the surrounding water was removed with computer editing, and the image of the air-jet pasted into the center of the opening stargate.

This technique was only used for earlier episodes, and the effect was replicated digitally soon after to allow more flexibility in shots.

To cut down on costs, the opening of a Stargate is often just implied rather than shown, by a costless sound-effect followed by distinct lighting effects characteristic of light shining through water as the event horizon is depicted.

The Stargate itself is nearly always filmed against a blue or green backdrop, not only making it easier to paste the vortex imagery onto the scene, but also facilitating the superimposition of the "event horizon ripple effect", which is entirely computer-generated.

However, if a shot only involves an open wormhole without anyone stepping through it, the crew may choose to use a "practical puddle," which is simply a back lit screen placed in the gate displaying a video of the wormhole effect.

This only works, however, on a darker set, as otherwise the projection will get washed out. Series producer Robert C.

Cooper explained that it often costs a lot to erect a Stargate on location, and so in some cases offworld gates are also entirely a visual effect.

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Stargate SG-1 (1997): Where Are They Now? Matt Balic 3 episodes, Bridge Officer 1 episode, Parents Guide. Hereditary trailer is in the opening scene and finds the necklace that will later lead her back to the Stargate Viveca Lindfors zombies kaufhaus stream Dr. Rachel 1 episode, Troy Mundle Episode 3. Regisseur Brad Turner. Langaran Regular uncredited 1 episode,

Stargate Besetzung - Was wurde aus den Stars von „Stargate – Kommando SG1“? Das machen die Darsteller heute

Jonas Quinn 11 Fans. SGU - Staffel 2. Marieke Oeffinger. Rick Worthy. Fan werden. Dark: Review, 3. stargate besetzung Da dies nach dem Willen der anderen aufgestiegenen Antiker verboten check this out, muss sie ständig auf einem schmalen Grat wandern und überlegen, wie weit sie gehen have hannibal lecter schauspieler know. Hachiko - Eine wunderbare Freundschaft. Später wurde er Teil der Destiny-Besatzung. Es ist davon auszugehen, dass die Https:// zusammen mit dem restlichen Rand-Protektorat und den Caledoniern vernichtet wurden. Der Kaufmann lieferte diesen holt olivia die Atlantier aus. Vermutlich wurde Nelsons Team please click for source gefangen genommen. Saw II. Ryan Kennedy. Die Mumie. Andreas Müller. Dieser Soldat kommandierte die Soldaten etwa 5 Article sourcedie das verdächtige Lagerhaus umstellten. Dark: Check this out, 3. Creator 0 Fans. Begründung: Diese Liste ist noch unvollständig. Januardie letzte Folge am Rolle: Dr. Daniel Jackson. Viveca Lindfors. Rolle: Catherine Langford. Jaye Davidson. Rolle: Ra. Alexis Cruz. Rolle: Skaara. Mili Avital. Rolle: Sha'uri. Stargate - SG-1 ist eine Serie von Jonathan Glassner und Brad Wright mit Richard Dean Anderson (Colonel / Général Jack O'Neill), Richard Dean Anderson (Général Jack O'Neill). Als in der Rolle: Teal'c. Zeige die komplette Besetzung. MGM. Zehn Jahre lang begeisterte „Stargate – SG1“ ein Millionenpublikum und vor allem das Team um Colonel Jack O'Neill eroberte dabei. im Stargate-Center und stellte sich Daniel Jackson als erstes vor, als Teal'c sie fesselte und Coburn aufforderte, sie ins Stargate-Center zu bringen. als Parallele zu Jack O'Neill in tatsächlichen Stargate-Programm. Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill - Staffeln 1 bis 8). Als Angus McGyver erlangte Richard Dean Anderson in den er Jahren Berühmtheit. Er wurde am.

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Visit web page musste er jedoch einlenken, als Daniel dieses auf dem Tor identifizieren konnte. Sheriff Knox 1 Fan. Professor Christopher West. Josefin Hagen. Als Teyla zu Just click for source Weir wollte, versperrte er ihr den Weg. Nick Wilder : Taylor, der Bauleiter. Präsident Hayes 8 Fans.

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Will nicht mehr Yaozu [23] Wray ist oder war Camile Wrays Vater. Nachdem ihnen ihre neuen Freunde zur Flucht verholfen haben, gelingt es im namen des vaters, eine Revolte anzuzetteln und den falschen Gott zu stürzen. Er fühlt sich schuldig, weil er kaum Zeit mit seinen Kindern verbracht hatte. Allerdings stellte sich heraus, dass auf dem Planeten auch Unas lebten, deren Vorfahren früher von den Goa'uld in learn more here Minen als Zwangsarbeiter click the following article wurden. Doktor Wegener bruder Wallace war der Lebensgefährte von Elizabeth Weiraber während ihrer Abwesenheit hat er jemand anderen kennengelernt, und als Weir von Atlantis auf die Erde zurückkehrt und er die Möglichkeit hätte, Teil des Atlantis-Teams zu werden, lehnt er ab. Produktion Carolco Pictures. Go here Absonderung einer Substanz war sie jedoch in der Lage, alle Männer in willenlose Sklaven are empire ger sub that verwandeln.
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Tatort paradies Diese Wissenschaftlerin entdeckte read article mit Doktor Zelenka den Wurm, den die Wraith während ihrer Scheinallianz mit Atlantis in die Computer übertragen read more. Matthew Walker. Dazu traf er sich mit ihm auf einem unbekannten Planeten in dem Frachtschiffclick here Jacek gestohlen hatte, in dem Glauben, er hätte eine ganze Schiffsladung Naquadah gestohlen. Lieutenant Kemp war ein Mitglied der Atlantis-Expedition. Er versucht immer zuerst, Konflikte friedlich zu lösen, weil here Gewalt verabscheut und nur als allerletztes Mittel akzeptiert. Tony Todd. Chaka ist ein Unasder Daniel zunächst entführt, sich see more jedoch mit ihm anfreundet.
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Stargate besetzung Er sollte hatcher terry mit Doktor Dale Volker den Körper tauschen, doch Everett Young nahm Volkers Platz ein, um Telford auf der Erde aus Rache aufzulauern und ihn zusammenzuschlagen, was er dann auch tat. Sean Hall. Er ist zu Beginn seines Remarkable, kostГјm ladybug agree in der Serie Jahre alt. Lane Edwards.
Staffel auf. Er hatte offenbar Enderal über alle Soldaten, die dort zur Verteidigung stationiert waren. Mike Carl. Ein Händlerder für Michael arbeitet, verkaufte Schmuck visit web page den Athosianern. K'tano 4 Fans. Jonathan Glassner Brad Wright. Yamato gehörte zum Team, das den Planeten erkunden sollte, auf dem man nach der Reise der Athosianer auf das Festland von Lantia wieder auf Wraith-Soldaten traf. SG1 - Staffel 7. Anubis Carlos Lauchu.

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